5 Tips to Prevent Senior Injuries at Home

Jun 27th, 2013

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5 Tips to Prevent Senior Injuries at Home

As an elderly person, you have the opportunity to spend more time at home. As our bodies age and we slow down, we become more prone to accidents. This means that you have to take extra care in the home to prevent injuries. If you are not yet at the stage where you have senior home care services, or if you have them coming in only a few times a week, there are things that you can do to ensure that your home is as injury proof as possible.

1. Take care of your bathroom

We mention this first because the highest injuries among elderly people occur in the bathroom. The most likely thing to happen is a slip and a fall either as you get in or out or the bath. To prevent this, buy special rubber matting that doesn’t get slippery when it is wet or even soapy. You should also install extra handles on your bathroom wall that you can grab for support when you are getting in or out. If you are not sure what exactly you need to buy, call home care services and ask. When you buy the items, have hem send someone from the store to install them.

In addition to these safety measures, your bathroom floors and walls must be regularly cleaned o get rid of slime build-up, which is very slippery and can lead to nasty falls.

2. Improve your lighting

It is a fact that as we age, we no longer see very well. To counter this, you must install better lighting, especially at the top and the bottom of the stairs. As well as right by your bed for when you have to use the bathroom at night and in other areas of your house where the lighting is dim. Make sure that the switches are clearly visible and they are big enough so that you don’t have to fumble to find them.

3. Get rid or rugs

Rugs can cause you to slip, trip and fall, so they are not recommended for ageing seniors. Instead, you can have wall-to-wall carpeting installed or at least carpets large enough to cover big areas. Again, if you are not sure the kind of carpet you want, call an elder home care institution; for just a small fee, they will give you the advice that you need and even maybe help you shop for new carpeting.

4. Lower your shelves

A lot of elderly people will eventually go to an in-home caregiver because of the problems that they experience in the kitchen; the cooking is just fine, but it’s the reaching around for things that gets them. It’s understandable – as we age our spines shrink and we become shorter. To deal with reaching for things in your kitchen, have someone come in and install lower shelves and cupboards that you can reach without difficulty. If you are not quire sure about height, have them done so that you can reach for something while sitting in a regular chair.

5. Rid of clutter

Clutter is all those things that are where they are not supposed to be and all the things that you don’t need that are still in your home. They are possible hazards because they can trip you, they can fall on you and they also usually hold a lot of dust and dirt. If you are not up to cleaning yourself, you can have someone come in and do it for you.

The ultimate way to avoid all these problems is of course to have senior home care, like the TRUE FREEDOM senior home care services. They work with you in your home to make sure that you are always safe. They also help with your chores so you can be sure that you have someone to take care of you. Click here to see all plan levels.