Adult Children Find Information & Support in Their Communities

Jul 10th, 2012

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Adult Children Find Information & Support in Their Communities

Recently, the Jewish Community Services of South Florida presented local workshops titled, “Role Reversal: How to Care for Aging Parents as Their Needs Change Over Time.” The presentation taught the attendees how to talk with their aging parents about sensitive issues, like estate planning, surrendering their driver’s licenses, or hiring homecare or adult daycare providers.

And across the country in Oregon, a workshop titled, “The Sandwich Generation — Caring for Parents While Raising Children,” was hosted this month by the Bandon Community Health Center.

At ASSI, we applaud these types of community workshops that provide information and support for family caregivers and aging seniors. We are proud to be able to provide our True Freedom Membership Plan with true guaranteed, hassle-free acceptance, 72-hour response to in-home care requests and highly qualified care professionals. We also recognize that adult children need as much information as possible as they face a new chapter in their relationships with their parents.

These important discussions are taking place all over the country. If you’re caring for an aging parent, we encourage you to seek out the information needed to maintain good physical, emotional and financial health for yourself as well as your parents.