ASSI: “It’s a Win-Win for Me”

May 24th, 2012

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ASSI: “It’s a Win-Win for Me”

ne of our clients, Pam, recently told us that ASSI is a win-win for her. Pam has been married to her husband for nearly 50 years, and she was devastated when her husband was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The diagnosis sent her on an emotional and financial rollercoaster that was overwhelming.

Fortunately, she found out about ASSI’s True Freedom Membership Plan through her insurance company, Physician’s Choice. Now, Pam has the homecare help she needs so that she can, “recharge her physical and emotional batteries,” while knowing that her husband is well cared for.

Today, Pam’s husband calls himself, “the ‘winningest’ guy in the universe,” because he’s dealing with his condition from the comfort of his own home with his wife by his side.

View Pam’s entire story on our Testimonials page, and learn how ASSI can help you, too. As Pam says in the video, at ASSI, “they take care of it all.