Why In-Home Care Is the Best Option for Seniors

Aug 29th, 2013

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Why In-Home Care Is the Best Option for Seniors

Why In-Home Care Is the Best Option

Senior home care is becoming a solution for many people who have seniors at home who need help taking care of themselves. The concept is pretty straight forward, instead of stripping the elderly of all freedom by placing them in a nursing home, you get an elder health care service to help take care of your elderly one. According to seniors who are already using home care services, they would much rather stick with this option than go into a nursing home. So what are the benefits?

1. They offer a dignified solution

A lot of seniors in nursing homes, especially those who don’t require full time medical care, will tell you that they feel a little humiliated being in a nursing home. If you think about it, you would also feel humiliated. You have worked your whole life to acquire the things that you love and enjoy and then in the final years, you have to leave them all behind and spend every day of your life with people that you have just met and who you may not like. This is not a good way to spend the last years of someone’s life, and that is why an in-home care giver is such a great option.

2. They offer freedom

Old people don’t want to stay locked up in a nursing home unless they are ill. They enjoy their freedom just as much as anyone else; they want to be able to travel, to walk to the store, to take walks when they want and so on. Nursing homes don’t usually offer this option, and when they do it is very limited. When an in-home caregiver is involved, they get the care that they need without losing their freedom. It is a great balance, and the senior gets to enjoy a better quality of life.

3. They ensure everything is taken care of

Senior home care services do not overlook anything. Even the cheapest packages will include cooking, cleaning, managing medication schedules and getting some exercise. More expensive packages will include more services within the home, but either way, the senior gets the basic services which they need.

4. Seniors enjoy better health

Research has shown that when someone is sick, they heal faster when they are at home. Just being around familiar things allows for more positive thinking and healing comes about faster. If you want your loved elderly one to have shorter periods of illness, don’t take them into a nursing home which is more or less a kind of hospital.

5. They have access to loved ones

Most people in nursing homes will tell that what they miss the most is the people that were in their lives before they were admitted. Having the freedom to see your loved ones when you like and for them to come and see you has a great impact; it helps to foster positive feelings and these make for an easier time in the twilight years.

6. It is cheaper

Senior care services are cheaper than nursing homes by up to one third. Different services charge differently, but they are always cheaper than nursing homes. They also allow you to choose between packages so you can choose what you can afford.

These are just 6 reasons why home care services, such as our True Freedom Home Care plans, are better than a nursing home.

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