Choose the Most Viable, Dependable Alternative

Jun 5th, 2012

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Choose the Most Viable, Dependable Alternative

Recently, I read a story about a group of con artists who defrauded more than 200 seniors in a home healthcare scheme. These people convinced seniors to spend a combined $700,000 on home care and adult daycare services – services which were never provided.

Fortunately, these criminals were caught, but when I read about these types of scams, it breaks my heart and makes me angry. I, along with everyone at ASSI, am committed to offering service contracts that provide the most viable and dependable alternative to traditional home healthcare. We are a service provider with a tremendous commitment to integrity and financial responsibility. That’s how we’ve been able to serve thousands of seniors in 38 states.

You can trust our caretakers, too. At ASSI, we arrange for a fully licensed, bonded and insured homecare provider from the ASSI qualified network, or seniors can select an ASSI-approved friend or neighbor to provide their care.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the dozens of member testimonials on the Testimonials section of our website, including a brand new testimonial video.

Your trust and security is of the greatest importance to us. Call us today to learn more.


Bob Doolan

Co-Founder, ASSI