Create Routines to Stay Happy & Healthy

Jul 22nd, 2013

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Create Routines to Stay Happy & Healthy

How Seniors Can Create Routines to Help Stay Happy, Healthy, and Avoid Forgetting Things

Age related memory loss is one of the most common hindrances for elderly people. The process is gradual and even though it is only natural for seniors to loss memory at an advanced age, there are a number of routines that can be done at home to make sure that important things, such as medication, are not forgotten. There are even some routines which will help sharpen the memory substantially.

Use Checklists

The use of checklists is a simple and very effective routine that will help any senior accomplish a number of tasks without worry of forgetting important items. A checklist basically is a list of activities or things to be done in a day or even a week. According to many elder home care experts checklists are uniquely placed in a high traffic area so it is easily visible. Family members or caregivers can help develop a good checklist, but it is always important to focus on the most important things such as medication, exercise or appointments with doctors and physiotherapists.

Use Reminders

A reminder is also a very good way of ensuring that seniors don’t forget important dates and activities. The good thing about reminders is that they are instant and very reliable. Today there are a lot of reminder apps that can be used in mobile phones, watches, beepers or automated 24-hour timers. Some of the most important things that can fit well in reminders are appointments, important dates and also time for medications.  Furthermore, the reminders can be customized to message their purpose.  For example, you can set a reminder to read things like, “it’s time for your pills” , so that they don’t even need to remember why this reminder was set. Say goodbye to the old sting tied to your finger!

Use Alarms

Alarms are arguably one of the most traditional ways used to remind people of important dates and times and even when it comes to the seniors, it is no different. Just like phone reminders the alarms are very reliable and most seniors have experience setting these on standard clocks or watches. For many elderly people with in-home care givers, the use of alarms is not necessary, but for those who are less technology savvy, it may be the best solution.

Without assistance, it may be challenging for seniors to get their routine on automation. It is important to explore the potential of a home care assistant in getting them on track. With just a few simple tools and planning, the elderly can leave an even happier and healthier lifestyle.