Home Care Services for Diabetics

Oct 8th, 2013

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Home Care Services for Diabetics

Diabetes is now becoming an epidemic in America, and it is connected with atypically high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. The main types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. Each one of these cases has its particular symptoms and the treatment depends on the severity, health and age of the patient.

The main goal to control diabetes is to be able to stabilize the glucose levels in the blood, in order to prevent the known serious complications of diabetes. Some of the most common treatments are related to nutrition, exercise, weight reduction, proper diabetic diet, which can be challenging when caring for a senior who is living alone. When these approaches don’t respond accordingly, oral medications and/or injectable therapies, such as insulin are prescribed.

Senior diabetes can raise different problems in patients, and it is important that they have assistance when treating such disorder. Home care services provide seniors with the proper monitoring of this, and can help elders maintain a healthy normal living.

One of the most important points of taking care of any type of diabetes is the consistent monitoring of the glucose level in the blood. The biggest problem seniors encounter with diabetes is keeping up with monitoring themselves. It is not uncommon for a senior to not pay full attention to its surroundings and entirely forget certain points in the treatment that can lead to more serious problems.

A home care assistant can make a seniors life much easier with their expertise in monitoring diabetes. The patient monitoring process is very personalized. Home care assistants work is divided into a number of tasks that is easily adjusted based on  the senior’s daily needs. Home care assistants can assist in managing the glucose levels consistently, while at the same time avoiding low blood sugar that may go unnoticed by seniors.

There are different levels to home care assistants for senior diabetes. Checking blood levels is just a first step, part of their duties also include the monitoring of their diet, and making sure they are eating properly at the adequate recommended times during the day. They make sure that one does not over eat or under eat.

In many cases if possible, the home assistant will monitor the patient’s movements, and assist in setting different exercises to compliment a healthy diet. By having a good combination of a healthy diet and exercise and monitoring the glucose levels constantly, seniors with diabetes can live a better, more tranquil life.

If you are a long distance caregiver, then finding assistance for your elderly loved one is even more important. Diabetic seniors can encounter different complications, such as visual impairments, tremors or even ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar coma if it is not managed properly. A proper home assistant for a senior with diabetes in combination with timely visits to the doctor can make living at home with diabetes much more controllable for seniors.

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