Help the Elderly Cope with Loneliness During the Holidays

Nov 7th, 2013

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Help the Elderly Cope with Loneliness During the Holidays

For many seniors, what used to be the busiest, must bustling time of year, has now become a time of melancholic reflections and solitude. The children are all grown up, have perhaps moved out-of-state and have their own families to attend to. Friends are getting older and the pile of Christmas party invitations gets shorter and shorter as the years pass. Senior loneliness is a very common issue in this time.

Here you can read about how you can help seniors living at home to cope with senior loneliness and how a few changes and perhaps the assistance of a home care service, can make all the difference.

Instead of dreading the loneliness that creeps in with the cold as Thanksgiving and Christmas get nearer, take control of senior loneliness and make sure that you get the comfort and support you need.

Even if a person does not feel that lonely in their everyday life, the holiday season that used to be so uplifting and full of social functions, is now just a reminder of how much things have changed, and can make elderly people living on their own feel especially lonely. Traveling may not be as easy as it has been, and many seniors, especially those with many health issues, even feel that they don’t want to burden their children, who are often extra busy over the holidays.

However, it is possible to break the solitude. You can be alone without being lonely and you can feel lonely without being alone. The real key is to feel connected with someone that you can always count on, someone who understands and knows you.

Loneliness can, for very obvious reasons, lead to depression, which in turn can lead to many physical health issues, especially if you end up sitting at home all day, not talking to anyone at all. If you do not have family or close friends at hand, consider talking to a senior home care service about getting a friendly person to visit you, even if it’s just once a week. During the holiday it is an incredible comfort to get a visitor, who can help you get into the holiday spirit. Many of these elder care agencies are very sensitive to the fact that this time can be one of the hardest of the year, and will for example make you homemade, Christmas themed meals, help you put up decorations and much more.

Also, make sure to get out over the holidays, go Christmas shopping, see the decorations, and attend holiday events in your community. If you do not have anyone to accompany you, again, an elder care agency can provide you with a friendly, out-going companion for whatever you may want to do.

It is very essential for mental and physical health to avoid senior loneliness all year around, but take especially care that you get the company you need, and keep the holidays a happy time. This will also make you more energetic and upbeat at times, when you do go visit, or get visits from the people you love.