1) What are the age limits for the True Freedom plans?
There are no age limits.
2) How long have the True Freedom plans been available?
American Senior Services’ True Freedom Plans were originally introduced to the marketplace on February 13th of 2008.  Since that time we have successfully expanded into all 50 states.
3) How financially sound is this company?
American Senior Services Inc. takes part in ongoing sensitivity testing of our product with Wakely Actuarial Consultants and maintains reserves that are above the recommended amount for a calendar years membership payouts.
4) How long does a clients membership need to be in force before they can access their home care services?
Members can access the home care benefits of their selected plan following the 90-day Good Standing Period. If a member were to need homecare service during this initial membership period, up to 5% of the total service hours of their selected plan would be made available to them. (Memberships must be active for 10 days.)
5) How do True Freedom Plans differ from a standard Long Term Care/Home Health Care insurance plan?
Traditional Long Term Care/Home Health Care insurance plans require medical underwriting and a doctor’s report to qualify for acceptance. True Freedom Plans have no underwriting, doctor’s reports or phone interviews to become a member and no health triggers to receive services. The only qualification for membership is that clients cannot currently be in need of, or receiving home care services at time of enrollment.
6) Do the “hours of service” of a True Freedom Plan have to be used consecutively?
No. Hours can be utilized as often or as infrequently as desired. AGENCY Home Care Services can be scheduled Monday thru Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm for up to 5 hours a day/5 days a week. The ANYTIME Home Care Services can be scheduled for any/all days of the week, at all times (including evenings & weekends) for up to 24 hours a day/7 days a week live-in service. (Both AGENCY & ANYTIME Service Benefits cannot be utilized within a single 24-hour period.)


7) What is the least amount of hours a home care provider will come out for on a
particular day?
The minimum hours of care for either the ANYTIME or AGENCY Home Care Service would be for 2 hours a day.

8 ) How does a member’s friend or neighbor become assigned for the ANYTIME home care service portion of their True Freedom plan?
Members will receive assistance in coordinating non-medical ANYTIME Home Care Services, provided by an approved friend or neighbor (it cannot be a family member or someone living in the same household) by simply calling the toll-free number in the brochure, 1-888-245-9001.
9) Can a member use all of their home care service hours as AGENCY home care benefits and vice versa?
Once the member is past the 90-day Good Standing Period following the initial enrollment, members can use either the ANYTIME Hours OR the AGENCY Hours of their chosen plan, depending on which service they prefer.
10) Can a member increase the level of their True Freedom plan after the effective date of their membership?
Yes, following the first anniversary of membership and provided they have not accessed any of their AGENCY or ANYTIME home care benefits.
11) If a member would like to increase the level of their True Freedom Premier Plan after one year, would they have to go through the 90-day “Good Standing Period” at the beginning of the membership again?
The 90-day “Good Standing Period” will only apply to the additional days and hours of home care services beyond their previous plan if a member were to increase their benefit level.
12) Should a True Freedom membership be written for someone who has an existing Long Term Care/Home Health Care insurance policy?
Under the right circumstances, absolutely. True Freedom Plans are being written as an additional program of care for seniors with LTC/HHC insurance policies that have no home care rider or contain lengthy elimination periods.


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