How to Choose Between Elder Home Care Services Or A Nursing Homes

Aug 22nd, 2013

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How to Choose Between Elder Home Care Services Or A Nursing Homes

How to Choose Between Elder Home Care Services Or A Nursing Homes

When most people are thinking about how they will take care of their elderly loved ones, what comes to mind is nursing homes. But there is an alternative now, that of senior home care, and it is a much better one. Senior home care is quite straightforward, and most elders who are using it say that they prefer it a lot more than if they were in a nursing home.

The concept is quite basic: there is no need to remove an elderly one from home unless they need round the clock medical attention. Instead, using home care services, they can have someone with them for most of the day who helps out with whatever the senior needs, be it cooking, cleaning or even just going out for walk.

Different elder home care services have different packages that allow you to choose the number of hours that your elder requires care every week, what you would like the in-home caregiver to do and some even allow clients to choose a friend or a neighbor to provide their care (they have to be certified by American Senior Services Inc.)

What should you take into account when you are making the decision between an in-home caregiver and a nursing home?

There are several things that you should think about to help you make the decision between senior home care and nursing home care.

1. The health of the senior

If a senior is in good health and sees the doctor only occasionally, there is no need to get them into a nursing home. However, if they need medical care on a daily basis, the best option, if there is no one at the home to provide the necessary care, is to take the senior to a nursing home. Nursing homes have doctors and nurses who are qualified to take sufficient medical care of the elderly.

2. Quality of care

It is important that your senior continue to enjoy life. You must assess different in-care services to see which one has the highest quality of care. Do some research online and see what people are saying about any specific home care services that you have in mind.

3. Cost

Comparing costs is important. Nursing homes charge a great range of prices depending on the kind of clientele that they serve, but almost always, they are a lot more expensive than elder home care. Here is an example: A home care service that includes meal preparation, cleaning, shopping, bathing, toileting, grooming – all the usual every day things that seniors need – charges about $20 per hour and they are available from Monday to Friday. Nursing homes are more expensive than that.

4. Lifestyle

Our elderly deserve the best quality of life that they can get, and this is one thing that you have to take into account when you are choosing between elder in-house care and nursing homes. They need to be with their friends, for example. They also need to be active, swimming, taking walks, golfing and so on. They should go to the movies once in a while if they fancy it. This kind of lifestyle is hard to get in nursing homes

These are the most important things to consider when you are choosing elderly care. There are some institutions that already offer excellent senior home care, and one of them is True Freedom Home Care. You can review our plans here or you can call them on (888) 245 9001.


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