The Benefits of In-Home Care Services for Your Elderly Family Member

Jul 15th, 2013

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The Benefits of In-Home Care Services for Your Elderly Family Member

As our loved ones age, we have to make the decision as to how and where they will spend their golden years. Research has shown that the elderly, given the choice between living out their years at home and living in a facility, will almost always choose to stay at home.

This easy choice does have its complications: the older they become, the more care they need and at some point, they will need to have someone staying with them all the time. This is inefficient because this is usually a family member who should be out working and bringing in income. That is why senior home care is such an excellent choice; your aging loved one stays at home and they get the care they need from someone else, leaving you to do the other things that you need to do.

But what is senior home care? Also called home care services, this is an arrangement where for a small fee every month, someone comes in to take care of your loved one. It doesn’t have to be every day; they can start off at a few times a week with you supplementing and then gradually increase to full time care.

The kind of care that is given varies; it can be simple companionship and daily chores or as complicated as medical care. Either way, the services that can be contracted will allow seniors to maintain their lifestyle and comfort for as long as possible.

There are several advantages associated with in-home care services.

•  Your loved one gets to stay at home, where they are secure and familiar with the people and the environment. A lot of elderly people in homes say that what they miss most is being at home with their family. Home is associated with wellness. That is why when we feel unwell or hurt or insecure we want to go home. They feel the same way we do and they would rather stay home.

•  Having an elderly family member stay at home helps in keeping families together and this can be a very important bond especially if there are young children involved; children who grow up with older people learn a lot about where they came from.

•  It helps your loved one to keep their dignity because it frees them from being dependent. In a home, everything is done for the people who live there, and this can be quite humiliating especially if an ageing person is still able to do things for themselves.

•  Evidence shows that people who heal at home tend to heal faster. If your elderly relative is in a hospital, but they are not in critical condition, get them back home, bring in an in-home caregiver and you will see the difference to their health.

•  Home care promotes companionship. A care assistant is not someone who is sent to your home just to help your loved one. They are also supposed to interact and talk with them so that they help stimulate their social activity and reduce the loneliness that the aging sometimes feel.

•  The people in your household will also learn how to take care of their loved one properly from their caregiver, which will ultimately increase the quality of life for the entire family.

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