Common Problems Associated With Long Distance Caregiving

Sep 22nd, 2013

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Common Problems Associated With Long Distance Caregiving

It is common that family members choose to care for thie loved ones when they reach a stage in their life where they can no longer care for themselves. In many cases, this can take place over long distance, which comes with a series of problems that many people are not ready to for take on their own.

One of the main caregiving problems that arises is the patient is always at risk of being by themselves. The home environment in which they live may be safe at first glance, but can change as the person becomes older, and new problems begin to appear quickly without supervision. When the patient is left alone for periods of time, their short term memory capacity will lesson, and this will lead to other problems.
Physiologically, not only can seniors lose control over the quality of their life, but a absent caregiver will be unaware of situations that cannot be assessed thru a phone conversation. This stress will cause the care giver to feel the anxiety of something always being out of place. When scheduling conflicts occur, having someone other than a family member check on the person may become an issue. At times, seniors can become an easy target in the community where people might want to take advantage of them or their finances. Even if the care taker will send money to the person, one is never really in control on how that money will be used.

Making sure that family members are in touch with their elderly parents provide support and companionship can become a hassle. Arranging accommodation for simple events can become a horrible stressful matter, as the family has to go out of their routine and accommodate the person. As the person becomes more incapable, the frequent need for visits will arise, and the personal conflicts will become more common. As time passes, the senior’s smaller problems will start to add up.

Caring for an aging parent can be an emotional and stressful roller coaster, then add the complications of distance, and the issues can add up quickly. Guilt will form from not being able to be present all the time for the care of their loved ones. Seeing a loved one deteriorate with age can cause emotional distress if it isn’t possible to see them constantly.

Problems associated with long distance caregiving are certain to arise, but they can be avoided by giving up that control and responsibility to a professional home care agency who specializes in these types of long distance situations.