Will Medicare Cover My Home Care Costs?

Oct 15th, 2013

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Will Medicare Cover My Home Care Costs?

It is a fact that as we grow older, we need more care, both physical and medical. Physical care, or what are called activities of daily living, combined with medical care can be very expensive. Many seniors rely on Medicare to pay for their home care services later in life. What they don’t understand is that there are very strict rules surrounding what Medicare can and cannot pay for.

Medicare, for instance, cannot pay for your home care unless your doctor gives written approval that you need it and plans for how the care should be administered. Medicare will also only pay for your home care if a doctor can certify that you are home-bound, this means that you have a high degree of difficulty leaving your home.

Unfortunately, most seniors who are relying on Medicare for home care find out too late that there are strict rules as to what they are entitled to. This means that to pay for care, they have to dip into their savings. It isn’t unusual to find seniors who have used up all their savings to pay for their care.

Is there an alternative?

Indeed there is. You can get a home care agency to take care of you and save costs by packaging services. Additionally, you can even take out home care insurance. If you do it when you are in your 50’s or 60’s when you are still relatively healthy, you will most likely qualify. Put aside premiums every month that you can cash in when you need to pay a home care agency.

There are several advantages that come with this kind of home care:

  • Home care is provided at home. This means that you grow old surrounded by the people you love and by familiar things. Seniors say that this is a much better option than having to grow old in a nursing home or a senior’s facility.
  • You only pay for what you need. Home care agencies send you someone to take care of the specific needs that you have. If you need someone to come in and take care of groceries, clean your home and maybe cook for you, for instance, you have the option of picking a package that provides just those services.
  • You can take out a home care package that allows you to receive care in the event of an emergency.
It is important that before you take up a home care service package, you have all your necessary questions answered. One of the most important things to verify is whether there is a waiting period before you can activate your care services, so you can ensure you get the care you need, when you need it.