New Technologies for the Kitchen Keep Seniors Safe

Sep 6th, 2012

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New Technologies for the Kitchen Keep Seniors Safe

Today’s technological advances for the kitchen are truly astounding, making life easier and safer for everyone, especially seniors. The new induction cook tops, for example, heat the pot or pan directly using an electromagnetic field instead of a gas burner or electrical coils. This keeps cooking surfaces cool to the touch and prevents accidental burns, fires or gas explosions.

For the kitchen floor where spilled water can create dangerous conditions on traditional tile and laminates, new non-slip flooring options have emerged including tiles made of cork and rubber.

And according to one website, MIT’s Counter-Intelligence Lab is even working on a silicone rubber sink that would prevent dishes from shattering when dropped in the tub. What a great idea!

Of course, no technology can replace the warmth, comfort and watchful eye of a real human caregiver. That’s why ASSI is dedicated to providing membership plans that provide hours of adult homecare and daycare services each week that not only keep seniors safe in their homes, but also provide companionship and conversation.

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