A Pet as a Friend

May 21st, 2014

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A Pet as a Friend

pets-for-seniorsIt has been well documented that there are many health benefits and a form of companionship for seniors who do not have family nearby.

Many seniors get lost in isolation particularly once their spouse has passed. A pet requires care, such as feeding, in some cases walking and most importantly they exist in their healthiest state with love. It has also been proving that seniors stay on a routine such as shopping, eating and sleeping.

Pets can be entertaining, having a reason to laugh is a health benefit for anyone.

There are a great many health benefits for to owning a pet. According to research a pet can lower cholesterol, reduce stress levels and lowering of blood pleasure. The simple act of petting a pet can lower heart rate and temperature. Hospital visits are shorter as the patient is anxious to go home and tend to their pets.

Many senior centers are visited by various ASPCAs throughout the country. A representative of one agency stated that first hand he has witnessed the willingness and esteem in caring for a pet.

Persons with a pet interact with others more. They find a common thread with others discussing their pets.

Not any pet will do for any senior. There are important factors to take into considerations. One of the first considerations is whether or not a person can care for an animal. Many communities for seniors may have size or type of pet restrictions. One consideration that may sleep everyone’s mind completely would be the care for the pet should the owner become sick and/or hospitalized.

The selection process can be a difficult choice. Dogs may require too much maintenance for the senior involved. The daily walking of a dog may prove to be too much for a senior.

A cat may prove to be a better fit. They require less work as they do not need walking or grooming. They require a litter box are affectionate and love to snuggle.

Birds of the smaller kind should also be considered. Something to the effect of a parakeet or a canary. They are small and easy to take care of pet. Seniors are also welcomed to volunteer at animal shelters. This may be a great fit without the responsibility of being a pet owner.

There are so many benefits to be a pet owner. Should you decide this is for you? Pick an pet that is right for you.

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