Plan Today for the Unexpected Tomorrow

Apr 21st, 2012

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Plan Today for the Unexpected Tomorrow

Recently, Christina Pinto, a certified financial planner with MPC Wealth Management, told Fox Business, “It takes decades to accumulate the assets you’ll need to retire comfortably and just a few years of paying for [high medical and long-term care] costs may threaten a lifetime of savings . . . One year of [full-time, long-term] care today in a nursing home is $75,000. In 30 years, it will cost $250,000.”

The personal finance article goes on to provide tips for preparing your long-term care financial plan, like setting up a Health Savings Account, contributing to a Flexible Spending Account, and investing in your IRA or 401k. At ASSI, we’d like to make one more suggestion – research reliable, proven alternatives to long-term care insurance!

American Senior Services, Inc. (ASSI) offers the most viable and dependable alternative to traditional home healthcare. With true guaranteed, hassle-free acceptance, 72-hour response to in-home care requests, and highly qualified care professionals, ASSI is a trusted service provider that successfully serves thousands of seniors in 38 states through a commitment to integrity and financial responsibility.

You can count on True Freedom, ASSI’s membership plan, to provide you with the freedom to live in the comfort of your own home should you become ill or disabled. We hope you’ll consider adding ASSI to your personal financial plan by Contacting Us today!