Home Care Can Help Seniors Overcome Eating Disorders

Oct 1st, 2013

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Home Care Can Help Seniors Overcome Eating Disorders

Home care assistance for seniors living at home is becoming a necessity for a healthy and normal lifestyle. Living in an environment where seniors are not properly monitored, can lead to many serious problems. One of the most common disorders surrounds their diet.

The terms anorexia and bulimia are often stigmatized in young teens, but the fact is, senior eating disorders are quite as common. In the past few years, anorexia related deaths tolled higher than among young people. It is hard to believe that our elderly loved ones are having eating disorders that are causing them to suffer unnecessarily. It may go unnoticed without consistent supervision, until it’s too late.

A senior can have a wide array of problems when not having a proper mean plan. Dementia for example, can simply cause the person to forget to eat, and make them become stubborn when asked if they have eaten. In combination with this, financial problems can lead them to skip meals to save money. In addition, a senior can develop psychological disorders, as a form of control over their bodies. By trying to control their eating habits, the might think it’s a proper way to regain some of the control that they have lost in other activities in their life. These are just a few mental diet issues that can develop with age, the physical effects of aging cal also lead to nutrition problems.

The natural degradation of the elderly body, such as dentistry problems can also cause the patient to not eat. The sensitivity of stomach pains and no being able to communicate properly can all lead to serious problems. Nursing homes treatment can take care of some of these issues, but only individualized home care assistants can monitor a patient on a consistent basis in order to avoid these problems before they become too prolonged.

A home care assistant can assist with many of the activities during the person’s meal times, and offer a physiological support that works as a natural antidepressant to the patient. This can lead to a healthier environment, which can make the patient to live a happier life. It’s common not to detect an eating disorder when one is busy and not always present to attend to their loved ones daily.

The in-home senior assistance included in ASSI’s True Freeedom Home Care plans can help you create a proper meal plan that can prevent many issues before they arise. Get started today and ensure your elder family member has the nutrition and energy to live their life to the fullest!