How Seniors Can maintain their Diet During the Holiday Season

Nov 14th, 2013

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How Seniors Can maintain their Diet During the Holiday Season

Have a slim Christmas with these 7 tips healthy eating for seniors! With these tricks, including advice on what to foods to chose from the buffet, senior home care, and much more, you can avoid picking up those extra pounds over the holidays.

Very few people who make from Halloween to January 1st without gaining a pound or two. We enjoy ourselves at parties, family get-togethers and big Christmas dinners. However, as we age, these pounds become more and more difficult to lose, and for people on a senior diet this gaining and losing weight can be especially unhealthy

1. Do not skip meals

It may well be that you would like to skip lunch to have room for more food at a Christmas party in the evening. However, this not particularly good for your weight. If you skip a meal, there is a high probability that you will overeat later For some elderly people, it may be difficult to find the time, the ideas and the energy to fix a healthy lunch, and in this case tip 4 (find a senior home care service that specializes in meal preparation and health senior diets.)

2. Choose your favorite foods

When you finally let your hair down, take only the foods that you really, really like. Make sure to think  about what you would like to taste beforehand . This can make it easier when you stand in front of a well-laden.

3. Ask for the menu

For private holiday parties you could ask your host about what kind of food that will be served, so that you can prepare. Most people will be very understanding of this, especially when it comes to a guest on a senior diet. This allows you to have planned very precisely, what dishes you want to sink your teeth in.

4. Find a senior home care agency

Many of these specialize in healthy eating for seniors and can prepare you varied, nutritious meal, with no effort on your behalf.. Over the holidays you can ask you senior home care provider to make the meals extra low fat, high in fiber etc., to make up for the rich holidays foods you will be served. Meal preparation is the ultimate calorie controller for people on senior diets.

Healthy meal preparation from companies that specialize in healthy eating for seniors is especially a good idea at times, when you know that you will not be able to cook healthy food. Furthermore, the blood sugar spikes, caused by over eating rich foods, will often make you want even more of the bad stuff! Having healthy meal delivered, makes it much easier for you to chose the right thing.

5. Limit you fat intake

Cut visible fat from roasts etc.  Limit the amount of roasted potatoes you eat, and eat plenty of greens. If you cannot do without gravy, try to eat as little as possible

7. Eat slowly

The holidays are a time of joy, family, friends and tradition- be sure to enjoy it all. Eat slowly and put your knife and fork down between each mouthful. Let the others take second helping, while you take time to enjoy your first plate of food.