Seniors Prepare to Age at Home

May 30th, 2012

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Seniors Prepare to Age at Home

Faced with retirement and living a long life on a short budget, many baby boomers are trading down into smaller homes that will serve them as they age.

Published recently in the Huffington Post, “a 2011 survey of 1,300 Caldwell-Banker agents who serve mostly older boomers found that only 6 percent of those boomers wanted a bigger home; 80 percent of them wanted to sell or trade to a smaller home; only 22 percent wanted vacation properties, and 47 percent of the agents reported the older boomers were not interested in single family homes at all. They were looking for apartments to buy or rent, or condos.”

As these statistics show, gone are the days when seniors expect to stay in large houses, move in with their families or go to nursing homes when they age. Instead, seniors are looking for ways to age independently, safely and securely in their smaller, more manageable homes.

That’s where ASSI comes in. Our True Freedom Membership Plans give aging baby boomers the confidence that, when needed, they can receive trusted homecare and adult daycare services that allow them to continue living at home.

Now is the time to plan. Call ASSI today.