Top Ten Reasons In-Home Care Empowers Seniors

Aug 8th, 2013

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Top Ten Reasons In-Home Care Empowers Seniors

Top Ten Reasons In-Home Care Empowers Seniors To Live At Home More Comfortably and Safely

Today, growing old does not mean that you have to go to a nursing home. The option of senior home care helps seniors to get the care that they need, the same as they would in a nursing home, but they get it at home. This kind of care comes with great advantages, and we have compiled a list of the top 10 for you.

1. It ensures independence

Unless we are too ill to move, no one wants to be completely dependent. Unfortunately, this is what happens when seniors are taken into a nursing home. They have everything done for them, and this can be very uncomfortable. So long as a senior is not a danger to himself or herself in the home, they should be allowed to live out their final years there with help from elder care services.

2. It promotes healing

As we grow older, we get sick more often. Research shows that those who are allowed to heal at home mend a lot faster than those who are forced to stay in hospitals or nursing homes.

3. It postpones the nursing home

Although not quite jail, nursing homes basically lock our elders away. They will be safe, they will be fed, they will get some exercise but at the end of the day, they cannot really do what they want to do. This kind of institutionalization is unhealthy.

4. Home care is more hygienic

If you are concerned about hygiene, you may want to postpone nursing homes. Research shows that they are just like hospitals in terms of germs. Home care services, on the other hand, means that your senior does not contract diseases – there are no sick people in the home.

5. Elders enjoy freedom

Institutionalization means that elders surrender a lot of their rights for the good of the group. This means that they cannot do what they want although they are still capable of it. An in-house caregiver can go along with the senior on all outings to make sure that they are safe.

6. You get personalized treatment

Hospitals and nursing homes do things for the masses. Food, for example, is what’s on the menu and everyone has to eat it – there are no options. At home, the care is personalized to the senior’s needs and preferences.

7. There is better quality of life

The loss of privilege, the loss of freedom, the loss of choice all contribute to a life of low quality. Seniors are generally not happy and they are rarely content. At home, they are free to do things which they enjoy and that they feel makes their lives better.

8. Costs are lower

If you compare the cost of nursing homes and hospitals to those of in-home care, there is a huge difference. Even the cheapest nursing homes cannot beat what elder care charges.

9. Your senior will be around for longer

Research shows that people in nursing homes and hospitals are outlived by those who live at home and get the care that they need there. Look at statistics of centenarians and you will find that almost all of them live at home.

10. The last reason you should choose elder home care is that it has a very high satisfaction rate. Seniors who use it love it.

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  1. Home Care Pulse August 14, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Wonderful breakdown of the values of in home care. In nearly every comparable case, seniors who live at home are inevitably better off than those in long-term care facilities. Not that these facilities don’t have their place, but whenever possible, a senior should be allowed to age gracefully, in the comfort of the home they’ve lived in and loved.